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Nike sports players 2013 Spring Air Force 1 Downtown TXT QS camouflage style 2013-01-29 11:27:09 & nbsp; Chinese shoes network & nbsp; [Source: hypebeast] Print & nbsp; Close Chinese shoes network on January 29 hearing, to build a new sports brand Nike Air Force 1 Downtown can be said is a slim version of the classic Air Force, and following the earlier LTH QS "Black / Black", followed by introduction The new TXT QS style. Camouflage pattern designed to cover the black and white gray and white, with black Swoosh, heel and eyelet pieces, and equipped with a translucent red in the end to create a sense of movement. The shoes will be in February and "Jet Fighter" Foamposite atmos together in designated shops and other outlets. Related newsThe day before Air Jordan 1 "Chicago" became the global storm, while buying of their high price, on the one hand there is no buy people Tucao endless, but the gains the maximum Jordan Brand for us to bring a pair of new color of the shoe designer to create white, followed by carving forms "23" and "LA", and the sole is more direct writing of "Los Angeles" and the map of the city. It is reported that the shoes will be sold on the Flight 23 California store recently, and will be sold in other areas later.The day before the network again exposed a group of Air Jordan 11 "72-10" of the latest pictures, although the shoes have long known, but still full of expectation. The use of black leather and leather uppers with build, and finally to the white bottom, color contrast strongly, and the detail design is excellent so that we feel the brand's intentions. It is reported that the shoes will be completely in December 19th sale, number 378037-002, love friends will never miss.The current economic crisis, enterprises must be very careful in reckoning. Yesterday, the world's largest footwear factory -- Dongguan Yue Yuen factory, in the coordination of the Dongguan Foreign Investment Association, Do jordans on sale online ngguan Foreign Trade Bureau jointly organized the meeting, called for the down-regulation of QP system (rapid clearance system) related charges. Dongguan customs Deputy Commissioner Huang Ge explains the origin of the charges, and said they would go to the field to understand the enterprise, further understanding of the situation. Dongguan Yue Yuen factory enterprise representative Liu Manpan said: "the use of QP system for large enterprises, the cost is higher than that of professional customs broker, and now the network developed low fees, and QP fees are so high, a serious increase in the burden of my factory, I plant operating pressure and lead the greater the." according to Liu Manpan, the use of the QP system, each enterprise (including electronic books, electronic books, electronic books) can only apply for a free activation code, the activation code can only activate a computer, if the enterprise need a computer operating system QP multiple computers, each computer needs to pay fee 1500 yuan / Taiwan, maintenance costs 300 yuan / Taiwan / month. Liu Manpan calculations: Yu Yuan supplier of up to 400, deep processing of imported closing the annual volume of business accounted for more than 60% years of total imports, outward processing to about 60, will be shipped every day registration. Yu yuan 30 existing computer system for installation. If required, each company can apply for a free activation code, then to 29 yuan Yu computer surplus to pay upfront connection fees 29 yuan; 1500=43500, 300 29 maintenance; 12=104400 yuan / year, so as to obtain the activation code for the first time in Yu Yuan will pay nearly 150 thousand yuan, and the annual maintenance fee 104400 yuan / year. The other is required to pay the annual fee of 18600 yuan of managed services to China Telecom. Liu Manpan said, because some companies are more suppliers, deep processing and transfer of business volume, need a dozen or eve cheap air jordans n dozens of computer installed QP system operation. This need to pay huge installation fee and annual pay huge maintenance costs, and brought a heavy burden to the enterprise. Liu Manpan suggested that the relevant departments to consider the difficulties of enterprises, reducing QP system installation fee, maintenance fee. At the same time, the implementation of a free activation code for free computer common use, reducing the burden on enterprises. in addition, according to the report, the QP system has many imperfections, the factory has been to the Dongguan customs, Whampoa?? customs related departments to submit the report, wait for a response. )The concept of "science fiction masterpiece shoes back to the future" in design for Marty McFly Nike Air Mag will be available in 2015 of the news at the same time, raise a Babel of criticism of it has inspired many, this custom shoes Master is launched customized design inspiration. This custom Kenny's Custom Studio unit to choose Nike LeBron 12 as the design blueprint, with silvery white Megafuse collocation Posite shoe body, and the tongue of Logo and transparent crystal outsole especially into the lighting effects, the overall style of the original design inherited the essence, also let the dream of the movie special effects and complement each other. nike-lebron-12-mag-custom-13.jpg (85.69 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Lebron 12 Mag customized version of 2015-5-14 10:42 upload nike-lebron-12-mag-custom-1.jpg (80.48 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Lebron 12 Mag customized version of 2015-5-14 10:42 upload nike-lebron-12-mag-custom-2.jpg (83 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Lebron 12 Mag customized version of 2015-5-14 10:42 upload nike-lebron-12-mag-custom-11.jpg (90.07 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Lebron 12 Mag customized version of 2015-5-14 10:42 upload nike-lebron-12-mag-custom-9.jpg (135.88 KB, download number jordan shoes online sale : 0) download Nike Lebron 12 Mag customized version of 2015-5-14 10:42 upload nike-lebron-12-mag-custom-12.jpg (134.20glamb 2012 autumn and winter "Wolder Boot" shoes enjoy 2013-12-08 22:30:42 glamb is finished by Japanese designer Furuya founded in 2003 apparel brands, nine years it has created more than 40 dealerships in Japan, accumulated a certain popularity. In addition to clothing, glamb the past two years have begun to pay attention to footwear design, the season launch "Wolder Boot" series shoes selected for British shoes shoes modeled injection Scotland tassel design, with excellent texture Gold Vibram outsole, sense of style and practicality into account.Chinese shoes network on January 18 hearing, a few days ago in the United States Portland Pearl District, a Li Ning store opened. It is worth emphasizing here from the American consumer is very familiar with the Niketown less than one mile. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; 2009 ?? 12 4, Tsimshatsui, Hong Kong's "Paparazzi" were extremely excited. Because Timothy Fok, Bao-ching, Chin Ka Lok, Alex and his wife a number of sports, entertainment industry stars have participated in the opening ceremony of a sporting goods store, and this is the Li Ning brand. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; both in the United States in Portland, Hong Kong or China, Li Ning opening of new stores, can be regarded as their years of profound knowledge of the horn sounded offensive. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Prior to this, Li Ning has opened more than 100 stores in Southeast Asia, but it is the first time in the high cost of land in Hong Kong and shop away faraway America . Li Ning store in Hong Kong's main sales Li Ning brand badminton clothing and equipment, can be designed for badminton is high penetration of the Hong Kong market tailor-made. The most critical is that Hong Kong Li Ning store as well as its own specific task: that is product testing, sounded the clarion call for the international brands. & n cheap air jordans online bsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; in fact, for the international expansion of the brand, Li Ning, the company has been rather low-key. In early 2007, Li Ning, Nike's birthplace in Portland, set up a brand design center, the main footwear. Over time, ?????????? fledgling design center, its gathered what? Alan --- Nike senior designer before, Converse former global creative director, Matt? Rui Alex --- Warner Bros. movie props designer. Furthermore, in the office design center in Portland, Li Ning has the right to sign the endorsement NBA star Baron Davis, pole vault queen Yelena Isinbayeva of two famous sports. October 2009, Li Ning in the Portland Museum of "ChinaDesignNow" exhibition, Li Ning brand under the command of the "Lei Feng", "motherland country a red" and "Banpo" three pairs of shoes, the concept turned out --- Nike the birthplace of Chinese sports brand design showcase achievements, undoubtedly a milestone. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Now, Li Ning has opened its first home in Portland outlets outside the Asian market, in direct competition with Nike, Adidas and other international brands. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; a similar process, but also in Hong Kong, China. Li Ning in 2004 to set up R & D center in Hong Kong, the main badminton products, until today, was chosen to join the stars invited to new store openings. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; In order to expand the overseas market, it is learned, Li Ning, the company plans to open 70 to 100 short badminton equipment shop in Southeast Asia, planned around 2014 cake bigger US market, and strive to 2018 became one of the world's top five brands, more than 20% of revenue will come from overseas markets.for basketball fans in terms of nothing more than to be injured, so that they are broken, in addition to suffering from physical pain, a long time can not be a basketball game for them is full of frustration and bitterness. Believe have suffered injuries hit again boarded the venue will be to have the injury to feel uneasy, which also led to they cannot all inputs to the game, thus affecting the play on their own, is therefore in addition to increase the core muscle group developed degree, a pair of protection of excellent boots is one of the many basketball fans look forward to. We report on a basketball hero today is such a quality Boots - Li Ning mobile armor (- Tactical armour)! in order to increase the protection of this pair of shoes, designer found through slow motion analysis were injured when the video, basketball in the vast most injuries concentrated in the ankle can basketball, is one of the most vulnerable parts of the ankle, well protect it is very likely to face injuries hit if it had not this area. It is, therefore, the designer to provide better ankle protection, especially through the upper is a substantial increase in order to increase the protection of this pair of shoes. for the first time to see this pair of Li Ning mobile armor (- Tactical armour), you may not feel strange, thanks to its use in the dynamic shell system, from the beginning of the Li Ning with mobile armored later Li Ning, the ultimate armor, dynamic shell are to superior protection performance let people know, in most basketball boots are in the pursuit of low help, lightweight, Li Ning to create a such a series of boots, but also highlights the brand of product confidence and designer of basketball insights and to control the power. When you put this pair of Li Ning mobile armor (- Tactical armour) wear like become the embodiment of the science fiction movie the mech warrior, ultra high uppers design to wearing full of self-confidence, immediately had to be rushed to the area and the opponent "melee" desire. finished and impressive design, say in terms of the midsole and outsole. This pair of Li Ning mobile armor (- Tactical armour) in the bottom position using the whole palm ip injection cushioning technology, the stability of this material is very good, but also for the player in the restricted area "flame" to provide a strong guarantee. And this pair of shoes outsole was covered with neat rows of herringbone pattern, the reliable performance of lines do not need we say more, good quality is a powerful guarantee! if you need a pair of time can protect the security of your ankle boots, if you had been injuries hit badly in need of a pair of let you feel very "practical" boots, that this pair of Li Ning mobile armor (- Tactical armour) you absolutely not to be missed, in front of this pair of blue x fluorescent light green x white color boots have been on July 1, 2014 officially on sale, No. ABPJ0〉??????air jordan retro infrared lab How to prepare for the fall semester College Life College Tips College Students and Colleges discount nobis engineering lowell massachusetts history museum Free Trick or Treat Halloween Printables from A Manda Creation Halloween Printable Trick Or Treat and Printables jordan retro infrared lab How to prepare for th" /〉 lilac high heel shoes uk Coffee Macarons Recipe Step By Step Coffee and Recipe air jordan retro infrared lab How to prepare for the fall semester College Life College Tips College Students and Colleges 12 month 28 days, is full of Wuhan ceremony, completion, East Lake green road reconstruction of Zhongshan Avenue open street, Metro Line 6 officially opened, Xiongchu Avenue BRT officially put into operation, the airport subway line opened... High streets and back lanes are bursting with happiness. but the two day, the small circle of friends was the local brush screen street and Zhongshan Avenue opened with regression Cade new public park, the two day, or with expectations, or memory, or curious Wuhan to here. : see the most sense of ceremony opening ceremony Street 28 day also prepared a cake free micro dream, a door is the celebration ceremony. then go inside is filled with everyone to everyone from the herd. The show makes a sudden return to the stage during the period of busy people. will make a balloon clowns attract bears children stop, Xiaobian want a Transformers, brother refused by the clown. heard: the cross-border green orange Festival becomes the new public park to create a green orange culture special inter dimensional music the meeting of wind and clouds. a two dimensional "adorable girl" 6 high strength band detonated atmosphere, show the most unique personality, angry youth music. The Voice of China popular student Liang Junnuo airborne scene, bright throat singing hi. met: Wuhan craftsman chic market floor atrium and two floor terrace distribution market is Wuhan tide spit, crafts people's paradise, even wacky retro exquisite glutton snacks. The store will tell you the story of intimate goods, not sell, more like make a lot friends. : initial Hugo workshops and meal time zone is a popular cross-border new species, a new area turned out the delicacy. Expect the parties, did not disappoint. 1919 meal time zone has been known for a long time, finally see the true face of Mount Lu, brought together more than 30 special delicacy Qi opened, is part of a king meal eat delicacy street. "more than you've missed You need a upgrade across the years on comfort! - - - - 50 percent off: eat delicacy minus eat - - - - two days ago to join in the fun of the small, even if the first day of the opening scene is not discounted, or queuing grand surprise. opened the first day of long queues of carbon - Lu at log open design style and creative jewelry ornaments, style full of fun, the most important is the main beef frog shrimp and charcoal Yuanyang pot, pro test! Knock seven! The chandelier design chic, boss said that this is his own autotrophic fish through the Chinese wind Chongqing Hot pot male ticket state at heard that the attendants are a water boy, her boyfriend MAX bite mouth 〉